Sunday, May 17, 2009

Dip 1/09 on Action!!

For us Dip 1/09, semester 2 started not long ago. And this time, we were given lots more of on-hand actions rather than the usual *ahem* yadaing...

The first workable lesson we had was...housekeeping!

Oh by the way, the guys would like to tell those who think that housekeeping are only done by kakaks and mak ciks...

Well, you thought wrong.

...modern guys DO clean too! XD

How to make/decorate/fluff a bed...

And pretty girl to make the toilet prettier~

The final result!!

*drum rolls*
*clashing bass*
* more drum rolls*


Ultra tidy room with fluffy bed to match!! Wee~~ Don't you feel like jumping on it???

Moving along~~~~~

We have a new subject in this sem: the Kitchen Class!

The kitchen is also the place where we got our hands dirty with...


...THE FISH...

...ahhh, I rather play safe. Hehe~

This was our second Kitchen lesson where we were required to make four types of stocks: White chicken stock, fish stock, vegetable stock and sugar syrup.
It is a very good experience, especially for the first timers who never had the chance to cook before.

Giving the kitchen a wipe down before class begins.

Bobo helping the class out on preparing the mise-en-place. Thanks Bobo, you were a big help! :)

Kylie proves that not all princesses are afraid of dead chickens~

Daniel will smile no matter what job he has been assigned to.


Boss Chef of the day, Canasder, taking on a serious look on freshly squeezed lemon juice.

Now you know why Bensen is also known as 'The Silent Killer'...

Benji in his 'good boy' disguise.

Nope, I don't think Jimmy is wearing eyeliner...

No offence~:)

Vegetable Stock people unite!! They do virtually everything together~

The Princess had roared...

Skimming the scum from the white chicken stock.

Last but not the least.... Our kitchen lecturer, Chef Collin!
Demonstrating to us how to clean a chicken properly.

...he who also taught us that food can be sensuous.

*woof whistle!*

And that is all for now! Next up will be about Talent Quest done by KTE team last Friday... Till then, this is Joye~


Saturday, May 9, 2009

Being 18

Just last week, 2 gentlemen in our class turned 18.
The recent one was Bensen’s on the 30th! Where he had all his lunch, dinner and clubbing treated. Happy man he was!

[Beware: monster ahead]
leon warning
Then it was Leon’s the day before Bensen’s! The sportsman had his birthday on his own.

Meanwhile, rewind a few months back a little was Ivan’s and Jimmy’s 18th Birthday in March!
jim n iv
And they had it in San Francisco Steak House and a birthday hug by Kylie(me) and Syeqa!

And our eldest one of all the 18’s is lovely gorgeous Syeqa!
syeqa loveee
It was celebrated on January with all the January babies including the CEO, Ms, Nancy during our first week of college!

Well, that’s the 1991 babies that are officially 18. Now, you may hit the club! :P

Signing off by Kylie le Sous Chef!! :)

Friday, May 1, 2009

DIP1/09 Coming through!


First of all, welcome all to Dip1/09’s blog! Now that we have our very own website, we would like to show everyone what our class has been doing in college! Our class consist of 12 people, and so, all 12 of us are the author of this blog! We will update this blog as often as possible, say bout once or twice a week. So, stay tune to check out what is like to be in our class! :D

* * * *

After 3 months of study! Finally, SEM BREAK IS HERE!!!

Our class decided to have a pool party at Syeqa’s place. Out of 12 people, 8 people came, out of 8 people, 5 people swam and got tanned! :)

Everyone reached Syeqa’s place at 9am! And her cat just caught all our attention! It was a fat and fluffy cat name Louie!
too cute to not look at :P

After everyone arrived, we started the swim. It was a sunny morning! Kylie also bought a beach ball from Toy ‘R’ Us for the party!

ze Boys
from left Daniel, Ivan and Bensen
Syeqa and Kylie~

The 3 cats that are afraid of the water are…

Canasder, Jimmy
and Joye! Studying –.-
The Tequila Westini!
If you know who we are! We did WESTIN during SMILE presentation.
omg, this look so wrong! The guys, climbing so hard…
Just to pose for a picture HAHAHA!
Cheerleading by the guys! haha
Joye, with her Cambodian dance! :D
Kylie, and her beach ball! ;P
R.I.P (Rest in Pool) Ivan! Hope u like my shades and flower!
The 5 active swimmers! We were tanned! :O
DSC03136 DSC03183

After an hour of swim! We ordered pizza, with everyone’s little contribution of sandwiches, drinks and snacks. We had a wonderful lunch! Yummms~!
Cheers everyone!

All the hungry faces! :D

Then, we had a random Truth or Dare game! Sandwiches with sugar, salt, chili sauce, tomato sauce, mustard, Twisties and raw egg! It was horrible O.O
Jimmy taking his breathe after drinking a mix of coke with a dip of chili sauce, a dash of salt and Twisties! Ivan laughing so happily behind! Haha

The party ended at about 3pm! It was a superb class outing! Everyone enjoyed and had so much fun! Later then, some of them went for bowling while Kylie (me) and Daniel headed home.

Next entry, Bensen’s 18th Birthday!

Till then!

DSC03348Signing off by Kylie le GM :)